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Film Review | Snow White and the Huntsman

Although Snow White and the Huntsman is not the first depiction of the well-known fairy-tale Princess this year – that honour went to the light-hearted Mirror Mirror – it’s safe to say that it’s the version many were more interested in watching, and with good reason; it boasts an excellent cast – including Oscar-winner Charlize Theron, Chris ‘Thor’ Hemsworth, and Twilight star Kristen Stewart – an acclaimed video game commercial director in Rupert Sanders (in his feature-film debut), and the impressive trailers only broadened its appeal. It’s surprising then, that this darker take on Snow White is far from the epic re-imagining it looked so set on delivering.

Read the rest of this review on Yin & Yang here.

One response

  1. Great review, I think we held similar feelings, not a fantastic film, but good fun nonetheless!


    May 30, 2012 at 10:49 am

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