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Special Feature | Parkouring for Brick Mansions


To celebrate the  release of Brick Mansions earlier this month, on behalf of HeyUGuys I was invited to The Chainstore in London to be taught some parkour. It’s safe to say that in the hours leading up to our training day we were as excited as we were nervous, with the latter feeling growing exponentially after we watched a video featuring some of the world’s best parkourists (this was not a good idea!).

Thankfully our instructors were pros and immediately put us at ease, and after a brisk warm-up we learned some of the simpler manoeuvres before moving onto more difficult exercises. Our biggest challenge was a wall-run without the aid of a ramp, a feat which was eventually accomplished on the fourth try…

Suffice to say, a day parkouring gave us newfound respect for masters of this craft, particularly when our instructors made complex movements look ridiculously easy! We had a great time learning the ropes (although our body suffered the consequences of the brutal workout in the subsequent days!) and would highly recommend the experience to anyone willing to give it a shot.

Click the link below to see the skills on full display!

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