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Interview | Director Daniel Gordon Talks ‘9.79*’ Documentary


25 years after the game-changing events of the 1988 Summer Olympics in which Ben Johnson was stripped of his 100m Gold medal for failing a drug test, the use of banned substances in sport is more rampant than ever. Assembling each of the eight athletes who competed in that fateful 100m final, Daniel Gordon’s apt documentary 9.79* – which was part of EPSN’s 30 for 30 series last year –presents a candid exploration of the bitter rivalry that existed between its participants as well as depicting a period where drug testing was in its infancy.

On behalf of HeyUGuys I recently had a chance to chat with Gordon, and in-between sharing some humorous anecdotes of his own, the BAFTA-nominated director discusses his approach to documentary filmmaking and how drugs impact sport today.