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Film Review | Pan



From the classic 1953 Disney animated adaptation to Steven Spielberg’s Hook in 1991, many filmmakers have tried to reinvent J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan on the silver screen with varying results. The latest director to walk the plank is Joe Wright; giving us a new origin story for the boy who wouldn’t grow up, the occasional entertaining set-piece can’t stop Pan from being a forgettable, CGI-overloaded mess.


Film Review | A Million Ways to Die in the West



On paper a western comedy is a very intriguing prospect, only more so with Seth MacFarlane’s name attached to it. ‘The Man Who Killed The Oscars’ earned plaudits as well as a hefty box office reward for 2012’s Ted (the sequel hits cinemas next year), and in addition to writing and directing A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014) the film sees him make the transition to live-action acting. Though enjoyable in parts, there is a sense that MacFarlane’s sophomore feature fails to fully maximise its potential.


Film Review | In Time


‘Time is money’ is more than just a phrase in Andrew Niccol’s latest sci-fi flick, In Time. Niccol is no stranger to thought-provoking cinema, with past efforts such as Gattaca being received well by audiences and critics alike. But is In Time worth both your time and money, or are you better off spending it on other films?

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