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Film Review | Sabotage

Sabotage 3


The last two films in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s comeback tour have provided schlocky but enjoyable titillation, with The Last Stand edging out Escape Plan as the better of the two. Directed by David Ayer, Sabotage (2014) has loftier ambitions, but despite some solid work from its leading man the film is tripped up by its messily executed plot.

Loosely based on Agatha Christie’s novel Ten Little Indians (yes, really), Schwarzenegger stars as John ‘Breacher’ Wharton, leader of an elite team of DEA agents looking to swindle $10 million from a cartel. What initially looks to be a successful heist proves anything but; the stolen loot goes missing, and the team fall under heavy scrutiny from their superiors. A lack of evidence means the investigation is soon dropped, but one by one the team are soon picked off by unknown assassins.


Film Review | Escape Plan

Escape-Plan-2013 (1)


Whilst Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger ruled the 80’s as action Gods, nowadays heir apparents such as Jason Statham and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson are the perennial muscle men. Unbelievably the two titans never united at their zenith, an oversight which Escape Plan has now righted. It delivers exactly what you would expect from a film that has these two names side by side – and that is by no means a bad thing.


Film Trailer | The Last Stand

With this week’s release of The Expendables 2 (2012), the familiar Arnold Schwarzenegger catchphrase “I’ll be Back” has been in full usage of late. His next acting endeavour will see him tackle the role of an ageing small town Sheriff in Jee-woon Kim’s The Last Stand (2012), Arnie’s first leading role since 2003’s Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Earlier this week we got a look at the poster for the upcoming action flick, and now the first teaser trailer has been unveiled. And if the first bit of footage is any indication, yes – the ex-Governator is indeed back.

Watch the trailer for The Last Stand at Cine-Vue here.

Film Review | The Expendables 2

Only 2 years after their first outing, Sylvester Stallone & co are back once again for the eagerly anticipated The Expendables 2. The unique selling point that is the coming together of tough guys from era’s past and present failed to click last time out, but while that first effort may have been lacklustre, the sequel succeeds in delivering a thick slice of fun cinematic entertainment. If you’re a fan of action movies, this is a must-see.

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