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Interview | Ian McShane Talks Cuban Fury, Acting, and Hercules


The past few years have seen Ian McShane stepping into the fantasy realm of filmmaking, with roles in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Snow White and the Huntsman and Jack the Giant Slayer.

This month sees him swap swords and dwarfing for salsa in Cuban Fury, and on behalf of HeyUGuys I got a chance to chat with McShane ahead of the film’s UK release. Here he speaks about what drew him to the role, how he got into acting, and his experience working on Brett Ratner’s upcoming blockbuster Hercules.

Film Review | Cuban Fury



After having made many an entertaining comedy in his collaborations with Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, Cuban Fury (2014) marks Nick Frosts first bona fide solo outing. Directed by newcomer James Griffiths, it’s a feel-good, if predictable offering.

Initially conceptualised in a drunken email Frost sent to his producer, the film centres on Bruce Garrett (Frost), a former teen salsa champion who hung up his dance shoes after a bout of bullying. Cut to the present day and Bruce, who has since become overweight, now spends his days working a mundane 9-5 job whilst being bullied by his smarmy colleague Drew (Chris O’Dowd). When it becomes apparent that his boss Julia (former Parks & Recreation star Rashida Jones) also has a passion for salsa, Bruce is encouraged by his sister Sam (Olivia Colman) to dust off his dancing shoes and gain her interest.