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Film Review | Skyfall

It is not hard to imagine Academy award winning director and self-confessed Bond fan Sam Mendes playing a word game – not unlike the one Ian Fleming’s super-spy plays himself in Skyfall – when coming up with ideas for the 23rd installment of the 007 franchise. For what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the name James Bond? Exotic locales? Beautiful Bond women? High-octane action? Mendes has made sure to include all of the above and more, and the result is a near-perfect, quintessential Bond movie that honours all that came before it whilst continuing to evolve in new and exciting ways. Put simply, Bond is back, and he’s seldom been better.

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Film Trailer | Skyfall

Fifty years after Sean Connery first depicted Ian Fleming’s famed spy James Bond in Dr. No (1962), 007 will be gracing cinema screens once again in his 23rd outing Skyfall (2012), due for release in UK cinemas on 26 October. Daniel Craig reprises his role of the suave secret agent on Her Majesty’s Secret Service for the third time with Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes taking over from Martin Campbell behind the camera. Following on from last week’s official poster launch, we now also have an inaugural teaser trailer for the highly anticipated espionage thriller.

The debut poster, released last week, featured Craig’s Bond in a still image of the instantly recognisable, iconic ‘gun-barrel’ sequence (present in every Bond film), yet bore a distinctly classic feel. Capitalising on the significant media and audience buzz that poster release caused, Sony/MGM have now given us a sneak peek at Bond’s latest escapades in the form of a new Skyfall trailer.

Watch the trailer here.