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Film Review | Plastic



Though crime capers often have their characters participating in dishonourable actions, there’s commonly a likeable, redeeming quality to them that makes them easy to root for. This fundamental building block is nowhere to be found in Julian Gilbey’s Plastic (2014), which makes the entire film tedious to sit through.

Wannabe entrepreneur Sam (Downton Abbey star Ed Speelers) is the leader of a four-man gang of credit-card swindlers whose other members include Rafa (Sebastian De Souza), Yatesy (Alfie Allen) and right-hand man Fordy (Will Poulter). When the arrogant Yatesy unknowingly steals from ruthless gangster Marcel (Thomas Krestchmann), the team are blackmailed into raising £2 million in two weeks. Recruiting bank employee Frankie (Emma Rigby) to their cause, the group head to Miami looking to rip-off the big spenders and pay their debt before it’s too late.