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Film Review | The Place Beyond the Pines



Derek Cianfrance made a name for himself with 2010’s acclaimed romantic drama Blue Valentine. For his follow-up, the director has again opted for drama, this time of the familial kind, with his ambitious fourth feature The Place Beyond the Pines (2013), which makes its way to DVD stands this week.

We begin with a visually arresting long take that introduces us to Luke (Ryan Gosling), one part of a bike-riding circus act. He soon discovers that Romina (Eva Mendes) has had his baby after their one night stand the last time he was in town. Despite the fact that Romina is now with Kofi (Mahershala Ali), Luke feels entitled to his family and is desperate to provide for them. That desperation leads him to oddball mechanic Robin (another great supporting turn from Ben Mendelsohn), and soon the pair are robbing banks. This in turn puts Luke on the radar of local cop Avery Cross (Bradley Cooper).


Film Flashback #4 | Hitch


Rewind 7 years (and 4 days): On February 11 2005, Hitch was released

‘Game’ is defined by the urban dictionary as ‘the art of using persuasive discourse, either with women or in any situation, to get what one wants’. It is something which all men need – at least to some extent – and must strive for. Because as Will Smith’s character says himself; ‘No guile, no game…No girl’. This blend of realistic notions with a Hollywood film’ obvious need for artificial events is one of the reasons why 2005’s Hitch is so alluring, and still makes for an enjoyable watch years later. You could do far worse for a Valentine ’s Day movie.

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