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Film Trailer | 300: Rise of an Empire


Back in 2007, Zack Snyder’s stylishly-directed 300 was a surprise hit, slashing its way to $456 million at the global box office. The director has since busied himself with a little known film called Man of Steel (2013), which gets its worldwide release this week, and so the reins have been handed over to Noam Murro for the next chapter of the saga, 300: Rise of an Empire (2014). Yesterday saw the unveiling of a new poster and, as is the trend these days, a new trailer has swiftly followed.


Film Review | The Dark Knight Returns – Part 2


Marvel may be leading DC when it comes to live-action superhero films, but their rivals have long held the upper hand in the animated arena. Many of those features involve Batman, and fans were treated to a brilliant interpretation of half of Frank Miller’s seminal The Dark Knight Returns late last year. The conclusion to that memorable story arc is hitting DVD and Blu-ray stands this week, and once again, fans will not be left wanting.

Whilst The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1 dealt with Batman’s return and his victory over the mutants, here the focus is on the aftermath. Batman’s renewed activities have revived The Joker from his catatonic state, new police commissioner Ellen Yindel brands the vigilante a criminal and issues a warrant for his arrest, and the President orders Superman to intervene should Batman continue to defy the law banning superhero activities.

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