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Film Review | Eden


After winning the audience award at the 2012 South by Southwest festival, Eden gets its UK release this week. Directed and co-written by Megan Griffiths, the film offers a harrowing examination of sex trafficking. However, despite the vile subject matter and some excellent performances, there is a lingering sense that this feature doesn’t quite hit as hard as it should.

Based on the real life story of Chong Kim, Eden follows the fortunes of 18 year old Korean-American Hyun-Jae (Jamie Chung), who sneaks into a bar in search of fun after another hard day’s work at her immigrant parents’ gift shop. Taking up an offer for a ride home, she is instead abducted and forced into a life of sex slavery. Renamed ‘Eden’, she soon realises that her best chances of escape lie in befriending her captors.