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Interview | Ryan Reynolds Discusses The Voices


One of the highlights of this year’s Sundance London film festival was undoubtedly The Voices. The fourth feature from Iranian director Marjane Satrapi, it stars an on-form Ryan Reynolds as a disturbed factory worker who hallucinates his cat telling him to be a serial killer.

On behalf of This is Fake DIY, I was at the O2 last week for the film’s Sundance London premiere, and I quizzed the leading man and the director on voice acting, intense scenes, and the film’s show-stopping musical number. Have a read below.


Safe House Q&A With Denzel Washington And Daniel Espinosa

It’s 4:15 pm and I’m sat in the plush Mandarin Oriental hotel in London eagerly awaiting the arrival of Daniel Espinosa and Denzel Washington, director and star of this month’s Safe House (Check out my review here)There is only one problem; they’re late. Five minutes turns into ten and then to twenty, but when Denzel walks in he’s instantly at ease, joking with us as he gets rushed to the podium. It’s simply hard to be irritated at a guy who’s so effortlessly cool. Once the two D’s got comfortable, chatter began on their new film, as well as Denzel’s career choices and whether or not he still ‘dates his wife’. Find out the answers to this and more after the jump.

Film Review | Safe House


Denzel Washington has played a few bad-asses during his 38 year career, the most notable of which was Alonzo Harris in Training Day, a performance that won him an Oscar. Safe House Washington’s first film for over a year – sees him play Tobin Frost, a former agent who has been on the run for a decade selling secrets to anyone and everyone for money. As must happen in these types of films, justifications for ones actions must be explained, and this is especially intriguing here as the lines between right and wrong are particularly blurred in an overarching theme that serves the film well.

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