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Film Review | Safe

Not for nothing has Jason Statham got a reputation as an action star; he’s been showcasing his fighting skills in films for years – more often than not as the ‘ordinary guy’ who somehow gets the job done – ranging from the good (The Transporter, Killer Elite) to the bad (Death Race) to the downright wild (the Crank series). Later this year, he will reunite with his fellow bad-asses in The Expendables 2, but until then New York is the backdrop for the latest round of his exploits in Safe, a crime thriller written and directed by Boaz Yakin (Remember the Titans). Unfortunately, the film does not afford itself enough smarts story-wise to accompany Statham’s very watchable brawn.

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Film Watch | May

To the surprise of no one, Avengers Assemble is already proving to be a financial success even though it was only released last week, and along with Marley it was the strongest film of April. We are now firmly in ‘Summer movie’ territory and there is no shortage of blockbusters coming our way this month. From anticipated threequels to martial arts extravaganzas, have a gander at the latest edition of Film Watch.

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