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Interview | Frank Grillo Talks Captain America, Crossbones and The Raid Remake


Frank Grillo has made a career out of strong supporting roles, but that’s set to change. Earlier this year he earned praise for his performance in The Purge: Anarchy, and the actor also left an impression as Brock Rumlow in Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Comic book fans will know exactly what’s in store for the character, and the closing minutes of Winter Soldier all but confirm that we can look forward to seeing Grillo develop Rumlow further.

Ahead of the home entertainment release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we got a chance to quiz Grillo on how he’d like Rumlow to evolve in future instalments, other Marvel characters he’d like a chance to play, and his role in the upcoming remake of The Raid. Have a read below.


Film Review | The Raid

These days, it seems like every other film I watch contains some sort of fight scene. As such, I’ve seen a number of similar looking sequences which vary in their degrees of effectiveness, and the vast majority of those are little more than ‘seen-it-all-before’ shoot-em ups and the like. Put simply, it’s not often that a film excites me purely on an action basis, but The Raid is a fresh breath of air in this regard, and an instant standout of the genre. Whilst it will take a more thorough investigation to determine where The Raid ranks among the greatest action films of all time, it has certainly earned its place in that discussion.

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Film Watch | May

To the surprise of no one, Avengers Assemble is already proving to be a financial success even though it was only released last week, and along with Marley it was the strongest film of April. We are now firmly in ‘Summer movie’ territory and there is no shortage of blockbusters coming our way this month. From anticipated threequels to martial arts extravaganzas, have a gander at the latest edition of Film Watch.

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